owenswJim Owens was formally trained as a Photo Journalist at Kent State University but chose to pursue a career in the corporate world, rather than journalism.

In the late 80s Jim traveled in the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. He was inspired to return to photography in order to capture and share this unique and special, natural beauty.

Over the years Jim has photographed many subjects, (architecture, people, events, etc.) in color as well as black and white. He gradually narrowed his focus to Nature and Landscape photography.

While he says he cannot explain, “ART”, his goal is to create an emotional response from the blending of light, color, and place; which is not a rational response but one based on a shared, universal recognition which does not require knowledge of the subject.

Mr. Owens currently resides with his wife, Diane, in Clarkesville, Georgia., in the North Georgia mountains. Here he finds himself surrounded by the natural beauty he seeks to capture and to share.



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