florinejohnsonwFlorine had never done any type of artistic work until she started learning about quilting in 1991. After trying classes in piecing and appliqué, she decided appliqué was her medium.

In 1994 she started the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild in Clarkesville; and because the guild needed someone to start teaching the members, she taught them hand appliqué. Florine worked on her own hand appliqué technique, becoming proficient enough to be invited to teach in three cities in Switzerland in 2000.

For another trip to Europe, to Hungary, she needed to design a project for pupils to complete in four days. She came across a photo of a rooster in a chicken growers’ catalog and designed a “fantasy rooster.” On returning to the USA, a number of friends requested patterns for her rooster, so she self-published it as “That Radical Rooster, Ralph” and then started adding other roosters to the line. Currently, she has ten roosters in the line and a hen is almost ready. Florine’s main business is the sale of her patterns to quilters all over the world. 

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'Radical Rooster' Raj Notecard
'Radical Rooster' Ralph Notecard
 'Radical Rooster' Rowdy Notecard
'Radical Rooster' Rupert Notecard
Set of 8 Cards