luciascroggswI grew up in Clayton, Georgia and after college moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I lived and worked for almost 40 years. In 2001 I moved back to Clarkesville, Georgia after marrying Bobby Scroggs. I was a late starter insofar as my life as an artist is concerned. I had sewn in my earlier years and not too long before marrying and moving back to the mountains I took some quilting classes. I liked working with the fabric and after joining the Mountain Laurel Quilter’s Guild in Clarkesville found that more could be done than to just sew the traditional quilting patterns. I became interested in Art Quilts which fall more into the decorative wall hanging type quilts. I became a part of the Bee Artful group who get together once a month to learn new techniques for embellishing the art quilts. We also critique each other’s work and make suggestions as to how things might be added to or changed. While I still make the occasional traditional quilt, most of my work is of the Art Quilt genre. I have shown my work in local galleries, at juried shows in various locations and have won several ribbons for my work. I am also a member of the North Georgia Arts Guild and participate in various shows they sponsor or participate in. 

  Eggplant/Green/Fuscia Foot Stool