shandiwShandi Berls and Casey McConnell operate out of a studio in coastal Wilmington, NC, and work with four distinct bodies of stoneware clay, each varying in color and texture.

The function and desired outcome of each piece determines the type of clay chosen. After forming the base of the piece, the team carves designs with loop tools, cuts out designs with Xact-o knives, stamps the clay with bisque stamps or simply leaves it alone. The base is decorated with slips, wax and glazes.

Although different techniques may be incorporated into a single piece, they strive for similarity of design to unify the work. A palate of subtle earth toned glazes is often applied in many layers to achieve the desired effect. Tiles are often incorporated into their work, especially tile frames, which are inlayed on wood. All tile works are grouted and finished with tung oil.


Tiled Mirror
20"H x 12"W